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This APAM Wiki is no longer maintained. Please switch to the following github Wiki for newest APAM information:


APAM is a runtime platform to support execution of adaptable applications. The base APAM configuration includes the capability to handle dynamic deployment of application's components, as well as opportunistic usage of third-party deployed components.

APAM is an extensible platform. It can be extended by "managers" that handle additional adaptation policies, or other non functional properties of the application. In this sense, APAM is a basis for constructing adaptative or autonomic applications.

Applications in APAM are built from primitive Java components, assembled into larger composites using a service based interaction. Applications are specified by a number of models describing different aspects of the dynamic evolution of the application:

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  • 2012-10-10: ApAM First tutorial complete
  • 2012-09-29: ApAM syntaxe more
  • 2012-01-24: Developement in progress more info

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