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i There is possible issues in existent mediation chains. This happens when in the component definition there is a namespace defined, and in the dscilia file using those components not. In that case, the framework will act as if the required components (in dscilia) are different (from the metadata.xml) and will not resolve it.


  • Namespace is always used, if any namespace is given, the framework will use fr.liglab.adele.cilia
  • API REST is changed and improved
  • Some bugs are fixed
  • First implementation of the Remote REST API for monitoring
  • Add some tests to improve quality
  • Improved the log messages, there are three logs:
    • cilia.core for log messages when manipulating chain models
    • cilia.runtime for log messages when manipulating instances and modifications due to dynamism
    • cilia.application for log messages when executing a mediation application, to track messages.