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OSGi USB Bridge is based on LibusbJava project. USB library Installation :

LibUsb Installation


Filter Driver Installation

Install libusb-win32 :

  • Download the latest filter driver installer ( and then unzip, or libusb-win32-devel-filter-x.x.x.x.exe ).
  • Close all applications which use USB devices before installing.
  • Run the installer, and follow its instructions. Do not run the installer from an USB storage device, this is especially important for versions prior to
  • Test your installation using the testlibusb-win.exe

The needed files for OSGi USB Bridge and correct locations are:

  • libusb0.dll -> windows\system32\
  • libusb0.sys -> windows\system32\drivers\

Device Driver Installation

To use libusb-win32 you need to install a device driver for your device.

  • Download the latest device driver binary package (
  • Use the INF-Wizard program to generate the INF file (modify the vendor and product IDs, strings etc). Create different inf-files to install different types of devices (devices with different IDs).
  • To verify successful installation you can use the testlibusb-win.exe of the libusb-win32 distribution or the UsbView Program.

The devices will also show up in the Windows device manager when connected:



On linux just install the libusb-dev and libusb++-dev packages. You don’t have to install any driver.


Coming soon :)

Usb Bridge Bundle

Install the OSGi Bundle :

this bundle provides USBBridge Service which allow you to find an UsbDevice using VendorID and ProductID