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The Abstract Machine (AM) is an extensible framework designed for the support of dynamic and distributed platforms. Its purpose is twofold : (1) to set an maintain a network of distributed AMs, and to provide (almost) transparent and distributed access from an AM to the other AMs pertaining to that network; (2) provide extensibility mechanisms allowing the development of dynamic and distributed platforms. The original and main use of the AM is the Service Abstract Machine (SAM).

The Service Abstract Machine (SAM) is a dynamic and distributed platform which hides and subsumes a set of existing (and heterogeneous) service platforms. The SAM goal is to provide developers and administrators with a unique an homogeneous view over a set of heterogeneous, local or remote, real service platforms. To do so, SAM integrates a number of existing platforms and reifies their actual services into instances of the SAM platform services. In its current version, SAM supports iPOJO (and OSGi), UPnP, DPWS; other platforms will be added.