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i Cilia applications runs on OSGi platform. OSGi allows deploying and executing modular service oriented applications as Bundles. Bundles can be installed, uninstalled, started or stopped without restarting the platform. Cilia is distributed as a set of OSGi Bundles.


  • An OSGi distribution. We have tested Cilia into Felix and Equinox.
  • The iPOJO component model.

Download and Install Cilia Platform

  • Get the latest stable distribution (set of Cilia bundles) from LIG Forge.
  • Install the Cilia bundles into the OSGi distribution. For example, in Felix distribution you only have to put them into the bundle directory.
  • Cilia is formed by the next bundles:
Artifact Version Description
cilia-core-1.1.0.jar 1.1.0 Cilia core bundle.
cilia-ipojo-runtime-1.1.0.jar 1.1.0 The Cilia runtime.
cilia-ipojo-compendium-1.1.0.jar 1.1.0 A library with basic schedulers and dispatchers.
cilia-deployer-1.0.0.jar 1.1.0 A extension to file install to ease Cilia applications deployment.*
gui-binding-1.0.0.jar 1.1.0 A simple GUI Adapter.
ea-binding-1.0.0.jar 1.1.0 A binding implementation using Event-Admin framework.

You can also get the latest development release of Cilia and build it by yourself. Source code is available here.

Preconfigured Cilia Platform

A preconfigured Cilia distribution is also available, it is based in the Felix OSGi distribution. It includes the necessary bundles to run the Cilia framework. Simply download and unzip the Cilia Standard Distribution.


Distribution directory structure

The Cilia distribution is composed of the following directories and file:

  • bin : binary file that embed Apache Felix OSGi framework.
  • bundle : contains all the bundles of the distribution. They are automatically loaded and executed when lunching the platform.
  • load : this directory is used for the hot deployment of bundles and mediation chains (file with .dscilia extension)
  • conf : contains configuration file ( This is where you can configure the execution platform before running it.
  • et cilia.bat : launchers.

Running Preconfigured Cilia distribution

Launch the platform using either (within Linux) or cilia.bat (within Windows). You can also launch it using the following command line

java -jar bin/cilia-distributions-launcher.1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

When the platform is ready, type the following command ps to show the installed bundles.