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To achieve in 2011

  • Autonomic Cilia.
  • Cilia Runtime Tools.
  • Cilia Developer Tools.

Results in 2010

  • Cilia version 1.1.x in process.
  • First Cilia release (version 1.0.0).
  • Added Cilia monitoring capabilities.
  • Workshop at Orange Labs (Grenoble).
  • Making Cilia autonomic (in progress).
  • First prototype of an autonomic cilia deployer.
  • API Java and DSL (dscilia).

Results in 2009

  • Cilia framework version 0.9.0
  • Definition of the mediation component model elements.
  • Runtime of the Cilia framework.

Results in 2008

  • Proof of concepts of a dynamic mediation framework.
  • Project start.