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Welcome to Adèle Research Group wiki

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Project's wikis

Apam small.png ApAM

A dynamic runtime platform for developping adaptable applications.

Icasa small.png iCASA

Service-oriented component-based environment dedicated to the development and execution of home-context applications.

Cilia small.png Cilia mediation framework

Data mediation and integration service component model and framework.

Rose small.png Rose

Ecosystem allowing easily design and maintain applications composed of distributed services.

Cadse small logo.jpg CADSE

Computer Aided Domain Specific Engineering environment.

Ipojo small logo.jpg iPOJO

Service component runtime aiming to simplify OSGi application development

Sam small logo.jpg SAM

Service Abstract Machine.

Selecta small logo.jpg Selecta

A software environment for building applications by composing services.


Framework for Orchestration, Composition and Aggregation of Services.

Secure FOCAS

Secure Framework for Orchestration, Composition and Aggregation of Services.

Groupes de travail




Adele forge.png La forge de l'équipe

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